All You Can Read

22 Aug

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Sometimes I feel like my hunger for the books will never end. I am reading one book, sometimes two in the same time and before I come to the last pages of these novels, I am searching for new ones. You know the feeling when soemthing new catches your mind, it hits you like a thunderstorm and you just can not resist anymore? Well that’s kind of my feeling everytime I find a new book.

My appartment is rather small. So small that I can open the window with one arm and close the door with the other, as I used to say 🙂 However this doesn’t stop me from filling the place with biographies, thrillers, fantasy novels, mysteries, you name it. Everything that distracts my mind from the stressfull reality which we live in. It is like an ice cream which makes your stomach happy, the best meditation, the furry road to the fantasy world of the greatest stories.

And so I wish I can read all there is to read. There are so many beautiful stories that inspire us every day, so many beautiful books that allow us to dream.

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