The Miraculous Spirit of David Bowie

13 Jan

Although I didn’t know the music of David Bowie very well, I knew him as very famous and acclaimed singer. The sad news about his death spread around the world and left his fans unprepared for this loss. As much as I was not such a big fan, I was not a hater neither. And I admired everything he did and created. This is my thank you note to the big Starman.

As many celebrities are sharing their sadness and sending their condolences to Mr. Bowies grieving family, fans are sharing their tributes of this great artist. You can see photos and videos with his greatest songs everywhere now. David Bowie got even more popular and admired than before. I am just sorry that it happened this way. Like in many cases before. The sadly famous Club 27. Many talented artists died too young only to becomme never forgotten. David Bowie was not 27 when he passed away. However his music became immortal. Even nonfans like me started to listen to his songs.

But there is something more that got me thinking. Despite his wild past, there is something about him that tells you how normal and kind person he was, how creative soul he had. When you watch his videos from early years, you see some kind of sadness in his eyes. So many alteregos he had….OK, I understand it was an art and all, but still. There will not be another David Bowie. Nobody had this kind of imagination and creativity.

And so I wanted to dedicate this short post to one of the greatest artists of all time. To the Starman, Ziggy Stardust, Angel of Death, to The Man Who Sold The World. He showed us that we can be heroes. Even just for one day. And now, he is waiting in the skies.

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