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A Getaway Ticket

12 May

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I run and I run,
not looking behind.
Forever is my new favourite word.
That’s what I am running for.

I know this is what I need to do,
it is just the hardest thing I had to go through.
I chose a life without prejudice and hatred.
And this run is my getaway ticket.

So I run and I run,
till the light warms up my face.

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Tanka For Sunday Evening: The Gloom

8 May

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Sloaping in the strong wind.
Exhaustion is what I feel.
Solitude is here.
Dark clouds approach my shoulders.
The gloom soaks me up and I am gone.

TLT: The Harmony

5 May

TLT 14 photo by Fabio Rose – click here for full res pic

I looked on his right side and saw the light warmimg up my cheecks, making me feel safe.

 I looked on his left side and saw the darkness, clouds gathering and I knew something bad was up.

But then I found the middle line, that keeps harmony between his good and bad sides. Now I know life is not only about the beautiful sunrises.

This post was written for TLT challenge. Three Line Tales, Week Fourteen | Only 100 Words

Friday Fictioneers: Quick Escape

4 May

PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bultot

They had just a few minutes to leave the town and they would never see their home again.
Greta looked out of the window and saw the crows sitting on the telegraph wires.

“As if they are waiting for us to leave, so that they can take everything away.”
Their small house was not safe anymore. It would be the first place the soldiers would be heading to.

“And so they will”, Hans knew what would happen if they would not run away. Concentration camp for her and public execution for him.

Hans took the hand of his wife and ran, leaving everything behind.

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Writing Prompt: Her Dreamy Land

4 May

found on twitter

I found this picture on twitter as I was searching for some writing prompts. The task was to write opening lines for any kind of story. Here are mines:

She was his first love. Mathew never thought their love would last forever. But when she told him he was her only true love, he knew. It was difficult to keep her concentrated on anything. She had her own dreamy land, where all planets were rotating around her private universe. But there was something so intoxicating about her, that it was impossible not to love her…

If you liked the image or this writing prompt, you can write your own opening lines to any kind of story. If you do so, you can send your link to coments. Please give the credit for the picture and this writing prompt to the author: 

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Tanka: The Lost Lake

3 May

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where are you hiding
dear friend, where is it you are
come on out at once
I search in a fearful place
don’t make me find the lost lake

A Precious Life

3 May

Anna O. Photography

Such a perfect flower,
blooming and juicy,
as the new life itself,
vacillates upon the grass.

The urge to take that flower
squeezes my heart.
My eyes are hungry
for that fresh new life.

In the middle of the meadow,
I reach for a lone flower.
I grip it in my hand.
Then the sadness comes.

I am sorry little flower,
I took your precious life.
Learned my lesson,
but can’t make the time go back
and make this beauty alive.

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No Way Back

2 May

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Do you hear the sound of an engine?
It is a rescue boat.
They are coming for us.

But wait a minute,
do we really want to be saved,
or do we want to stay lost?

The longing for solitude is stronger.
Just one more step to the forest
and there is no way back.

The decision is yours…