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TLT: Days Of Sorrow

19 May

photo by Kirsty TG

all those letters that I waited from you, not knowing if you come back
those days full of sorrow, when I thought you were dead
but I can’t wait no more, my heart is slowly cracking instead


This post was written for TLT challenge. 

Native American

13 Apr

found on whitewolfpack.com

They taught me to be strong
They taught me to be courageous
They taught me to never give up.

We, women of this tribe
we must be mothers
we must be sisters
we must be wives.

We must support our men strongly
in time of battles and wars,
We are sending them to the battlefield,
but they are returning to our arms again.

We are there in their good times,
we never go away in their bad times.
We, women of this tribe
we must stand firm.

They taught me to be strong,
they taught me good.
For I feel no fear.
My destiny will be fulfilled.

This poem was written for https://ionanerissa.wordpress.com/2016/04/13/hump-day-poetry-week-10/


Where Are You Running, Rick?

8 Apr

Found on pinterest

He runs as fast as the wind lets him,
far away from the crowd.
What awaits him behind the horizon?

The clouds gather.
Nothing good comes out of this escape.
Fear the uknown evil…

TLT: Wind In My Sails

7 Apr

photo by Charlie Harutaka


I am no longer a child who used to play foolish games.

Yet the morning dew on the window brings lost memory of my childhood.

Will I ever ship out on the sea with a fresh wind in the sails again? 

This post was written for TLT challenge.