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Writing Prompt: Her Dreamy Land

4 May

found on twitter

I found this picture on twitter as I was searching for some writing prompts. The task was to write opening lines for any kind of story. Here are mines:

She was his first love. Mathew never thought their love would last forever. But when she told him he was her only true love, he knew. It was difficult to keep her concentrated on anything. She had her own dreamy land, where all planets were rotating around her private universe. But there was something so intoxicating about her, that it was impossible not to love her…

If you liked the image or this writing prompt, you can write your own opening lines to any kind of story. If you do so, you can send your link to coments. Please give the credit for the picture and this writing prompt to the author: 

This writing prompt was provided by calebjacobo.com

No Way Back

2 May

found on pinterest

Do you hear the sound of an engine?
It is a rescue boat.
They are coming for us.

But wait a minute,
do we really want to be saved,
or do we want to stay lost?

The longing for solitude is stronger.
Just one more step to the forest
and there is no way back.

The decision is yours…

TLT: There In The Woods…

28 Apr

photo prompt by Dayne Topkin – click here for full res version

On the cold mountain of Himalayas, you need something that warm up your heart.

There, under the mountain, a small cabin is hidden behind the trees.The red tea-pot shining from the kitchen welcomes you whenever you enter the cabin.

It is always ready, waiting for the lost souls who need to warm up and find their way back home.

This post was written for Three Line Tales | Only 100 Words


Free Bird

24 Apr


They said I am insane,
I said I am following my dream.
They never saw the the point
in becomming a part of a circus team.

“To live as a nomad,
that’s what you want?
To have nothing to eat
that’s how you will flaunt?”

Better than to live in a lie.
That’s what I thought.
Circus was my hope to be free
and for that I fought.

Now I live my dreams,
traveling from town to town
playing marvelous shows
wearing beautiful flowercrown.
I am as free as a bird,
whistling a beatiful song.

The lights are on.
The main circus tent opens it’s door.
For it’s time to make a wonderful show.

A Bright New Day

23 Apr

I am passing a tall birch,
walking through the field,
approaching and old church,
that I haven’t visit for ages.

Sun warming my morning face,
grass tickling my legs,
remembering my trace.
I am humming my beloved song.

It feels so right
to go this way,
to take step by step
on this green grass
smelling fresh like the new life.

It feels right
to be happy about this road,
I finally see my future bright.
For it is the road to Love.

TLT: Flowering

21 Apr

photo by kazuend

Bloom sweet little child, spread your sprouts.

Be as wild and free as you wish to be and more.

Never lose the lust for life, there is so much to explore.

This post was written for TLT challenge.

TLT: Wind In My Sails

7 Apr

photo by Charlie Harutaka


I am no longer a child who used to play foolish games.

Yet the morning dew on the window brings lost memory of my childhood.

Will I ever ship out on the sea with a fresh wind in the sails again? 

This post was written for TLT challenge.




The Circle of a Sailor’s Life

5 Apr

Image: Tomasz

There it floats
alone in the dark,
in silence of it’s own magnificence.
Solitude at its best,
in the middle of the ocean.

Desperate sailor sitting on a deck,
gazing at the frozen surface,
stars are his only bright companion.
The calmness is surreal.

His lungs exhaling cold air
as the last plain sign of despair.
Death awaits.

On the sea he was born.
On the sea he dies.
That is the circle of a sailor’s life.


This post was written for https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2016/04/05/photo-challenge-107/ 


A Reckless Decision

3 Apr


Louise packed her last things and watched her room in a silence. She looked to the walls, to the chair she used to sit every day, to the bed she used to lean her body every night on exhausted from work on a farm. She looked to the bookshelf above her bed for the last time.

Circus. That was her passion and ticket to the life she had always dreamed of.  She wanted to be part of the famous shows, to become a part of such crazy and beautiful world. Soon she will be on the road towards her freedom.

Her heart was beating fast as she was coming down the stairs to say last good-bye to her mother. Eyes  gazing downward, afraid to say a word, she approached the kitchen where her mother was sitting at the table, waiting for her daughter to change her mind.

“Tell me what it is you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” her mother disapproved. In the fear of loosing her daughter forever, she hoped Louise would stay when she’d see her mother’s sadness.

“This is my destiny, mother. At least I have to try, don’t you understand? This is my chance to get out of here and become someone.”

“You are someone. You don’t have to join some freak show to find that out!”

 Mary regretted those last words since. She never got the chance to take them back, for Louise never returned to her mother’s arms again.

This post was written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie : Writing Prompt #153 “Collage 20”

The Games We Used To Play

31 Mar

photo by Moritz Schmidt

Do you remember those times when we were kids, having fun with all those games we used to play?

We still play games today.

They are just more dangerous than any other child’s game.

This post was written for Three Line Tales, Week Nine.