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A Safe House

29 Apr


You think I got lost,
that I threw away all I had.
But I just felt this pain,
this feeling of going mad.

One day I found myself on the floor,
crying and screaming,
wanting none of this no more.

Now I am in peace
with you, the world and myself.
I no longer live a lie.
My anger may finally cease.

You think I got lost,
that I am wandering around the woods.
But the truth is
I found my roots.

There in the forest,
behind the foggy air,
stands a house, sublime as a castle.
There I live, feeling no dispair.


4 Apr


I walked this path alone,
hoping I would find you,
hoping you would follow.
Today I know it was ment to be.
I am not a fool.
I have no senseless hopes no more.
This path was chosen for me.

I walked this path alone
and here I come.
My final destination awaits me.
I finally found a way to my true self.
This place is my shelter.

You are not here,
I don’t miss you.
For today I am the true me.

I walked this path alone
and I would walk it again.
Today I am the lone survivor,
the warrior of my soul.