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Haiku For Sunday Evening: Life

15 May

worship this moment,
crazy little thing called life,
always be as you are.

Tanka for Sunday Evening : Hidden Island

17 Apr

image from benngie.vsco.co

once upon a time
she was my secret island
far away from land
we belonged to each other
never wanting to turn back

When We Were Young

17 Apr

I am the one who took you to this place
You told me you loved it
We were like crazy children,
jumping up and down
the real world was far from us,
we lived in our own cocoon.
Forest was the safe alley for us.
The only home that we knew.

One day you flew away from our cocoon,
saying you want more than this,
wanting to become a part of something.
I never heard your voice again.

Now I am alone,
lying in our rocking net,
waiting that you vanish from my heart,
waiting for that strong bond to break.

Nobody would believe today
that we lived alone out there.
I am the proof of that,
for I am still here,
sitting in the community of trees,
resting my old bone.

I’m a tree that grows hearts,
one for each that you take.

This post was written for Writing Prompt #155 “Collage 21” | Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie