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TLT: Troubleman

30 Jun

photo by Rosan Harmens – click here for full res version

Sirens playing their serenade, looking for me, the troubleman.

I watch police cars chasing a lunatic. Bob Dylan singing in the background if my head.

And I sit on a cabinet, swaying my legs and thinking how to get out from this mess.
This post was written for TLT challenge.

Writing Prompt: Her Dreamy Land

4 May

found on twitter

I found this picture on twitter as I was searching for some writing prompts. The task was to write opening lines for any kind of story. Here are mines:

She was his first love. Mathew never thought their love would last forever. But when she told him he was her only true love, he knew. It was difficult to keep her concentrated on anything. She had her own dreamy land, where all planets were rotating around her private universe. But there was something so intoxicating about her, that it was impossible not to love her…

If you liked the image or this writing prompt, you can write your own opening lines to any kind of story. If you do so, you can send your link to coments. Please give the credit for the picture and this writing prompt to the author: 

This writing prompt was provided by calebjacobo.com

Where Are You Running, Rick?

8 Apr

Found on pinterest

He runs as fast as the wind lets him,
far away from the crowd.
What awaits him behind the horizon?

The clouds gather.
Nothing good comes out of this escape.
Fear the uknown evil…

The Circle of a Sailor’s Life

5 Apr

Image: Tomasz

There it floats
alone in the dark,
in silence of it’s own magnificence.
Solitude at its best,
in the middle of the ocean.

Desperate sailor sitting on a deck,
gazing at the frozen surface,
stars are his only bright companion.
The calmness is surreal.

His lungs exhaling cold air
as the last plain sign of despair.
Death awaits.

On the sea he was born.
On the sea he dies.
That is the circle of a sailor’s life.


This post was written for https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2016/04/05/photo-challenge-107/